Gran-Trap® Herramientas – Magna-Blades™

Magna-Blades are 8 sided carbide tipped blocks designed to clean floors without grinding into the concrete.

Magna-Blades have a replaceable, múltiples lados borde de carburo de tungsteno que se puede girar para el uso máximo.

Ideal Para:

  • Flaking paint
  • Glue & adhesivos
  • Soft thinset
  • Industrial buildups
  • Foam rubber carpet backing
  • Concreto Perfil Superficie (CSP) Rating: 0-1
  • Tooling Classification: Direccional
    • Single Disc Grinders (SEC-BY, TL-9, TG-10 & TMC-7) require Left-Hand tooling only.
    • Dual Disc Grinders (2CE-NG, 2GC-NG, 2D-HD) require BOTH Left and Right Hand tooling.

Para uso en:

Magna-Blade Left-Hand

Número de producto
  • Left-Hand Magna-Blade - Part #12501LC

Magna-Blade Right Hand

Número de producto
  • Right-Hand Magna-Blade - Part #12501RC