Turbo Grinder Accessory – 7″ Diamond Cup Wheels

17 Segment, dry cut grinding wheel. Grind Concrete and or remove coatings. Cup Wheels can be used with the Rigid Head or Flex Head Assembly. Comes with the purchase of an EDCO 7″ Turbo Grinder (model TMC-7).

Ideal for:

  • Wet or Dry Grinding
  • Grinding hard surfaces
  • Feather edging sidewalks, curbs, and gutters
  • Grinding away heaved, cracked areas of gutters and curbs to allow proper gutter drainage

Turbo Grinder Accessory - 7" Diamond Cup Wheels

Product Number
  • 7" Diamond Cup Wheel - 40-50 Grit - Part #72030
  • 7" Diamond Cup Wheel - 150 Grit - Part #72031