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18" Downcut Walk-Behind Saw

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DS-18 Gasoline

DS-18 Gas
DS-18 Electric
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  • Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration engine mount
  • Screw boot belt tensioner prevents frame damage
  • 18" blade capacity
  • 7-gauge steel blade guard with welded protective segment flap
  • Heavy-Duty lifting bail
  • 13 HP gasoline engine or 5 HP electric options
  • Heavy-Duty 7-gauge steel laser cut frame
  • Large screw-type depth control
  • Wide-T handles with rubber grips
  • Solid-Steel lifting handles
  • High quality molded rubber wheels

Ideal For:

  • Short-run slab cutting, contraction joints, patch repairs in asphalt, traffic loop installation and trenching
Model Part # Power Horse Power Phase Amps * RPM's Belts Length Width Height Weight
DS-18-13H 37100 Gasoline **13 HP NA NA 3000 Cgd. "V" Belts 49" 27" 40" 254 lbs.
DS-18-5B 37300 Electric 5 HP 230 V Single 19.5 2880 Cgd. "V" Belts 49" 27" 40" 280 lbs.
DS-18-5B 37400 Electric 5 HP 230/460 V Three 12/6 2880 Cgd. "V" Belts 49" 27" 40" 280 lbs.
*RPM's are based on the saw's blade speed.
** As rated by the engine manufacturer. The power rating of the engine indicated on this site is the net power output tested on a production engine for the engine model and measured in accordance with SAE j1349 at 3600 rpm. Mass production engines may vary from this value. Actual power output for the engine installed in the final machine will vary depending on numerous factors, including the operating speed of the engine in application, environmental conditions, maintenance, and other variables.
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