7" Turbo Edge Grinder Accessories

7" Scarifier Assembly

15 – Point Carbide Cutter Disc Assembly. Scarifier Assembly Discs can only be used with the Rigid Head Assembly on EDCO’s TMC-7.

Ideal for:
  • Removing paint build-ups and coatings
  • Spot removal of slab markings and trip hazards
Name Part # Price (USD)
7" Scarifier Assembly 72040 $170.87

7" Diamond Cup Wheels

17 Segment, dry cut grinding wheel. Grind Concrete and or remove coatings. Cup Wheels can be used with the Rigid Head or Flex Head Assembly. 

Ideal for:
  • Wet or Dry Grinding
  • Grinding hard surfaces
  • Feather edging sidewalks, curbs, and gutters
  • Grinding away heaved, cracked areas of gutters and curbs to allow proper gutter drainage
Name Part # Price (USD)
7" Diamond Cup Wheel - 40-50 Grit 72030 $187.43
7" Diamond Cup Wheel - 150 Grit 72031 $267.75

7″ PCD Disc

Extremely aggressive removal of Industrial strength coverings, Waterproofing Membrane, and more. Creates textured concrete surfaces.
Name Part # Price (USD)
7″ PCD Disc 72042 $294.53