Crete-Crusher® Accessories

Carbide Bits

5-Point Carbide Assembly Bit
The 5-Point Bit penetrates the surface up to 1/4″ per pass and leaves a rough texture.

Ideal for:
  • Breaking up blistered or spalling concrete
  • Removing floor coatings
  • Roughening the surface to create a bond for repairs or overlays
  • General Surface Removal

9-Point Carbide Assembly Bit
The 9-Point Bit penetrates the surface up to 1/8″ per pass and leaves a medium texture.

Ideal for:
  • Creating excellent bonding texture for thin overlays of polymer concrete, epoxy or urethane
  • Leveling uneven joints
  • Surface removal for repairing spalled and deteriorated slabs
Name Part # Price (USD)
5-Point Carbide Assembly Bit (CD-5 & CD-3) 18810 $142.78
9-Point Carbide Assembly Bit (CD-5 & CD-3) 18820 $167.36

Crete-Crusher® Bit Removal Tool

The bit removal slide hammer will assist you in removing your old bits from either EDCO Scabbler.
Name Part # Price (USD)
Crete-Crusher® Removal Tool 63220 $91.28