Weight Blocks

Adding additional weight can help Grinder productivity

Not all applications require or should use additional weight.

*Weight Blocks come standard with the TG10 Electric and Classic-Style Single-Disc Concrete Grinders

10" Turbo Grinder (TG-10) Weight Block - GASOLINE POWER ONLY

30lb weight block for use with the TG-10 Gasoline Powered Model ONLY
Name Part # Price (USD)
10" Turbo Grinder 30lb Weight Block 86340 $159.82

Wedge-Less / Dual Disc & Heavy Duty Grinder Weight Blocks

40lb weight block. Two required for Dual-Disc Grinder models.
Name Part # Price (USD)
Magna-Trap® Dual Disc Grinder 40lb Weight Block 77506 $158.76

Wedge-Less Grinder Weight Blocks - Single Disc

Name Part # Price (USD)
SEC-NG 20 lbs Weight Block (Max 1) 86809 $121.62

Classic-Style Grinder Weight Blocks - Dual Disc

55lb weight blocks must be used with the Classic Dual-Disc Grinder (2EC/2GC) Weight Tray.
Name Part # Price (USD)
55 lbs Weight Block (Max 2) 77049 $119.38
Weight Tray 77050 $76.07