Surface Prep

3 Advantages of EDCO’s Heavy-Duty Grinders

Specialized projects need a powerful and flexible solution. Enter the Magna-Trap® Heavy-Duty Propane Floor Grinder & Polisher.

Contractors who are looking for a powerful surface prep solution often think of big, cumbersome machines. However, if they are looking for a powerful yet flexible and affordable solution, EDCO’s Magna-Trap® Heavy-Duty Propane Floor Grinder & Polisher should be on their radar.


When customers are looking to rent a heavy-duty grinder, they want to make sure the machine will perform. The machine is available with a powerful 18-HP propane engine, making it ideal for heavy grinding of concrete surfaces in large areas, removal of industrial strength coverings like waterproof membrane, polymer and thick epoxy and leveling high spots or rough concrete surfaces. The cordless operation makes the Magna-Trap® Heavy-Duty Grinder perfect for uncomplicated performance over large areas.

Higher production is also achieved through the ability to add weight to the machine. Up to 80-lbs of head pressure can be added to the Magna-Trap® Heavy-Duty Grinder, achieving two-times the speed and performance of traditional grinders.

Faster production capabilities allow for more aggressive prep, saving time and money on every project.


While most grinders are only able to perform one job – grinding, EDCO’s HD Grinder can strip, grind, remove and even polish with the right accessories.

EDCO’s Magna-Trap® tooling has been tested and field-proven to last longer than other diamond tools in the market, providing better value and performance. With the rotary grinder on the customers will get:

  •  2-Slide-On Multi-Tooling Discs
  • 22-in. working width that grinds approximately 800 – 1,000 sq. ft. per hour at 1/32-in. – 1/16-in. per pass with Magna-Trap® Dyma-Dots
  • Optional overlapping counter-rotating heads for full coverage ideal for concrete polishing.

While the cordless operation of the propane engine machine allows for more flexible use around the jobsite, the machine is also available in a 5-HP 230V, Single Phase electric version for jobsites that may require it.


Many machines in the heavy-duty grinding space are difficult to operate and maintain. EDCO prides itself on American-manufactured products that are not only “rental-tough,” but also easy to operate and repair if needed.

The machine was designed with operator comfort in mind with its optional flex heads. Users can change the disc from a rigid disc to a flexible disc, which allows the machine to follow the contour of the floor more easily. As a result, operators feel less fatigued by the pull of the machine.

Plus the Magna-Trap® Heavy-Duty Grinder was built with the same steel durability users have come to expect from EDCO and is backed by our unmatched customer service and training. Check out the Magna-Trap® Heavy-Duty Grinder here.