Combine multiple steps of scarifying and grinding. No need to grind smooth, save on Diamond Tooling & labor costs.

Optimize Your Workflow with EDCO’s Diamond Drum

Efficiency is key when it comes to concrete preparation. By integrating multiple scarifying and grinding steps into one, EDCO’s Diamond Drum simplifies the process without the need to grind smooth. This not only saves on Diamond Tooling and labor costs but also offers a range of benefits.

Enhance Your EDCO Crete-Planer

EDCO’s Diamond Drum significantly improves the performance of your Crete-Planer, delivering a smooth profile three times faster than the standard carbide cutter drum.

Versatility in Material Removal

Effectively plow off high build epoxy and cementitious/epoxy materials, leaving an ideal profile for recoating or polishing.

Longevity and Cost-Efficiency

EDCO’s Diamond Drum boasts an impressive lifespan, lasting over 200,000 sq. ft. and outlasting a carbide cutter drum by 20 times. This durability translates to substantial savings over time.

Precision Line Removal

Achieve excellent line removal and safety line inlay on both asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Streamlined Operation

Eliminate downtime associated with loading drums and the need for two separate machines for scarifying and grinding.

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