How do I Buy EDCO Products?

Definir el tipo de negocio y hacer clic en su categoría.

  1. Alquiler Cliente Nacional 

    United Rentals
    Sunbelt Rentals
    Alquiler de Equipos Herc
    Ahern Rentals
    Equipo de Sunstate
    suministro Admar

    National Rental Customers purchase directly from EDCO and have additional support from independent manufactures representatives

  2. Independent Rental Customer

    Independent rental companies with annual EDCO product purchases less than $100,000.00 and further categorized in our Rental Buying Program – Tier 1, 2, and 3. These companies can buy through EDCO’s distribution network.

  3. Independent Rental Customer (Red Club)

    Independent rental company with annual EDCO product purchases in excess of $100,000.00

  4. Equipment Distributors (Stocking)

    Equipment distribution and sales companies stocking full EDCO product lines and/or categories.

  5. Equipment Resellers

    Non-Stocking Equipment resellers, may purchase EDCO products through master distribution o The EDCO Company Store

  6. Online Retail Sales

    EDCO’s online company store