EDCO Employee Celebrates 30 Years with Company

As a family-owned company that has maintained its commitment to employees, it’s common place for employees to work at EDCO for decades. Each year at EDCO’s holiday party, we honor employees who reach milestone years in service with our company. In 2018, one of the recipients was Kevin Adams, who received recognition for his 30 years with our company.

Adams grew up around cars at his father’s autobody shop, A&M Autobody, in downtown Frederick, Maryland. Long after his family sold the autobody shop in 2000, Adams still finds himself working on cars in his free time.

After A&M Autobody was sold, Adams’ father built a garage at the family’s house for he and his family to continue fixing up cars. Recent projects for Adams and his brother, Nick, who is also an employee at EDCO, include a 1968 El Camino and a 1971 Chevelle.

With his family’s background in the industry, combined with knowledge he learned in a metal works class in high school, Adams is well-equipped to work on the exterior of vehicles, especially the paneling.

“It’s something that I’ve been around my whole life and I know a lot about it, so I really enjoy doing that in my free time,” Adams said.

In his high school metals class, a course that covered machining and welding, Adams first became familiar with EDCO. After high school, Adams worked for his dad for a year and a half before being hired as a member of our manufacturing company.

In 30 years since starting at EDCO, Adams has worked in every department on the manufacturing floor, proving himself to be a valuable asset capable of doing any job needed in our manufacturing and shipping processes. He’s also seen our company’s Frederick, Maryland, facility double in size just before the turn of the century and watched as the estimated 30-man operation in 1988 grow to an operation of well over 100 today.

“EDCO is like a family,” said Adams, who is joined here by his brother, brother-in-law, former coworkers at A&M Autobody and former classmates. “[The co-founders] Leo [Swan] and Ed [Harding] treated me really well. [Current co-presidents] Frank [Stanczyk] and Bill [Harding] treat me well. And then I watched their kids grow up here and they watched my kids grow up.”

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