Magna-Trap Core 4

EDCO’s patented Magna-Trap Core 4 is a versatile set of tools compatible with both EDCO’s Floor Grinders and Turbo Grinders. With the ability to Strip, Grind, and Remove, our concrete grinders are equipped with the proper tooling to take on a variety of surface coating applications.

Every quick-change Magna-Trap tool can also be used on EDCO Classic-Style Grinders retrofitted with the Magna-Trap Multi-Tooling Disc.


If your job requires surface stripping of flaking paint, glues, adhesives, soft thinset, industrial buildups, or foam rubber carpet backing, the Magna-Blade is the best suited tool. A general rule to follow if the application calls for stripping is: if the material is at least 1/16” and can be cut with a knife, use the Magna-Blade.

The Right-Hand Magna-Blade (Part# 12501RC), which is for use on dual-disc grinders only, and the Left-Hand Magna-Blade (Part # 12501LC), which is used on both single and dual-disc grinders, are designed to clean floors without grinding into the concrete surface. Equipped with 8-sided replaceable carbide tungserts (Part# 12500-6) that can be rotated for maximum use, Magna-Blades are designed to strip coatings from concrete in large areas.


If you are tasked with light concrete leveling up to 1/16”, smoothing imperfections, and grinding materials like thin mil coatings, concrete sealers, hard thinset, use the Dyma-Dots or Dyma-Segs.

The Dyma-Dot tool is best for general purpose applications like removing concrete and creating level surfaces with minimal surface scratching. With Dyma-Dots offered in a variety of grits (30-grit, 70-grit, 120-grit) and concrete bonds (soft, medium, and hard), there is a Dyma-Dot that will solve the grinding application.

The Dyma-Seg tool is better suited for aggressive grinding and will clean and smooth concrete surfaces with a medium amount of scratches. The 18-grit accessory is available for both soft concrete (Part# QC2S-SC-0018) and medium concrete (Part# QC2S-MC-0018).


To remove industrial strength coatings like waterproof membrane, pool/cool deck, thick epoxy, and polyurea use the Magna-Trap PCD with Backing Segment.

The PCD with Backing Segment tool aggressively removes industrial strength coatings and leaves a textured concrete surface. The Right-Hand PCD with Backing Segment (Part# QC-PCD1-B) is for use on dual-disc grinders only, while the Left-Hand PCD with Backing Segment (Part# QC-PCD1-LB) can be used on both the single and dual-disc grinders. If you need to remove thick industrial strength coatings and create a smooth concrete surface, first use PCDs for the removal, then smooth the concrete with Dyma-Dots or Dyma-Segs.


The Magna-Trap Retail Grinding Tool provides rental stores an opportunity to sell grinder tooling as opposed to renting them out. While these 3-pack of tools have a shorter lifespan than typical rental options, its price point gives the rental industry a rental opportunity to profit off Magna-Trap tooling.

The Retail Grinding Tool is available in both a medium concrete tool (Part# M501MC) and a soft concrete tool (Part# M501SC) to handle multiple applications. This tool is effective for concrete smoothing, thin hard coating removal, and other common surface preparation tasks.

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