Manufacturing Products & Killing Germs Together

EDCO is 100% open for business.  Both our Maryland manufacturing facilities are busy despite the temporary closure of the state’s public schools.  We instituted a strong plan to keep each other healthy and maintain a great working environment.  The safety of our team and getting EDCO product closer to you are always top priorities.  This is how we are fulfilling these goals:

* All team members, office and manufacturing, are required to diligently disinfect their work stations and keep it clean.  We are killing germs together and getting used to the bleach smell.

* Overall cleaning has been enhanced, both during and after business hours to ensure all high-traffic touchpoints are extra clean.

* We’ve cancelled group lunches, doughnuts, and all other food sharing until May.  We love each other’s food but it’s not worth the risk.

* We are staying away from close greetings.  Friendly nods, foot/fist bumps and elbow touches are welcomed at EDCO during this time.

* Hand Sanitizer stations are at all entrances and everyone is asked to use them.

* EDCO is consistently monitoring local guidelines and heath suggestions.  We will raise the intensity of our plan if needed.

Again, EDCO is open for business and we are taking care of our surroundings.  If everyone takes personal responsibility we will keep manufacturing and keep getting after it.

Thanks for being you and using EDCO products.  Let’s take care of each other during this national issue.  We are always better when together.

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