Common Application – Carpet Glue and Mastic Removal

Common Application for EDCO Magna-Trap Grinders:

Carpet glue and mastic are used as adhesives to put down carpet, vinyl tile, and ceramic tile. When replacing flooring, it is essential to remove the existing residue of the glue and mastic before new installation.

Carpet glue and mastic is difficult to remove because of their combination of thickness and softness. For the best results, use a grinder with tooling that strips away the material.

The Single-Disc Floor Grinder (SEC-NG) is an EDCO Magna-Trap grinder that is ideal for efficiently resurfacing concretes with tough material like carpet glue and mastic.

The Strip-Serts are the ideal Magna-Trap tooling option for this application. Strip-Serts are equipped with carbide tips that are designed to strip away coatings without grinding the concrete. Before grinding with Strip-Serts, broadcast sand over the material to ensure the glue does not smear and is easier to sweep after the grinding is complete.

After using Strip-Serts for the tacky glue, there may be hard deposits remaining on the surface. Install Dyma-Dots onto the grinder, then perform a quick pass to remove the hard deposits and open the surface.

Click Here To Watch The Magna-Trap Single-Disc Grinder & Strip-Serts Remove Carpet Glue and Mastics

Common Application – Carpet Glue and Mastic Removal” Comments

  1. It definitely is best to start with a smooth clean surface before attempting to apply new flooring. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  2. Avatar David Carlson

    I need to remove a polyurethane painted layer from my concrete floor(1000 sf) to prepare it for Tiling. A local rental has a has powered single head edco…. which head would be effective and economical?….do I need a vacuum system?

    Tks Dave

    • Avatar Jason Stanczyk


      The tooling best to recommend with the EDCO Grinder depends on the thickness of the polyurethane. Assuming the coating is hard, the tools to use would be either EDCO Dyma-Serts/Dyma-Dots (both designed for thiner-hard coating removal while creating a smooth surface) or one of EDCO’s PCD tools (all designed to remove thicker industrial-strength coatings – will leave grooves on the concrete surface). You can call EDCO for more advice.

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