Common Application: Floor and Material Removal

Floor removal is often times among the first steps in many remodeling and home improvement projects. Finding a tool that fully removes floor coverings easily and quickly is important for your project’s progress.

EDCO’s 8” Manual Floor Stripper and line of Chisel Scalers offer the efficient and effective option that remove an array of materials.

The Electric Floor Stripper (model number TS8) removes glued down floor coverings from concrete and wood surfaces. Its oscillating blade drive system slices under flooring material to make removal easy and quick at a production rate of 200 sq. ft. per hour.

The TS8 is designed to remove soft materials such as linoleum, carpet, vinyl, and VCT. The push electric floor stripper has two working positions and a reinforced head assembly for increased production making it perfect for floor removal from rooms in houses, hallways, office spaces, and commercial flooring.

Whether an industry professional or a rental customer needs the machine, the electric TS8 is easy to transport as its unique design allows the machine to be folded down to 20” to fit in car trunks.

Chisel Scalers, meanwhile, are capable of removing, chipping away, and scraping many floor coverings, materials, and deposits.

EDCO Chisel Scalers use rapid hammering actions to quickly chisel away material. These air-powered units eliminate hammers, hand-chisels, and many hours of labor. Many accessories are available to make the machines compatible to remove tile, grout, ice, fiberglass, concrete, asphalt, roofing shingles, hardened deposits, and much more.

Extra-large pistons on the Chisel Scalers provide hard hits to remove even the hardest materials. The quick-change hardened steel tool chuck accepts the multitude of accessories that EDCO offers to make the Chisel Scalers the ideal tool for the job, no matter the removal task.

ALR Chisel Scalers, available in a variety of lengths and designs, including an ergonomic design for comfortable removal, remove up to 200 sq. ft. per hour of 4” ceramic tile set in thin-set. The portable ALR Chisel Scalers provide 2,500 hits per minute.

The Big Stick Chisel Scalers remove up to 300 sq. ft. per hour of 4” ceramic tile set in thin-set. The air-powered Big Stick options provide 3,500 hits per minute.

With the productivity of EDCO’s Electric Floor Stripper and air-powered Chisel Scalers, industry professionals and rental customers’ removals concerns are alleviated and their projects can continue to the next phase.


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