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Since our beginning, when Leo Swan and Ed Harding started EDCO-Equipment Development Company in 1959 on the foundation of their Concrete Grinder, the first obligation has always been to the customer. EDCO evolved around the prioritization of our customer dependent culture. We know that we are nothing without the customer, so we recently visited several long-standing rental customers to get an inside look at their businesses and how mutually advantageous we are to one another.

Rentals Unlimited, which services the Maryland and Virginia area with five locations (Clarksburg, Rockville, Frederick, Hagerstown, and Sterling), was founded in 1956 in Bethesda, Maryland. Their rental equipment operates from 20 feet underground to 125 feet in the air, fulfilling a wide range of construction rental needs for a variety of jobs, both small and large.

For the duration of their 62 years of operation, Rentals Unlimited has always put the customer first through respect and fulfillment of their commitments. Rentals Unlimited believes in taking care of their customers first and that will then let the bottom line take care of itself.

By providing equipment including air tools, excavating equipment, concrete preparation machines, plumping equipment, and many other tools for specific applications, Rentals Unlimited is equipped with the necessities for the duration of the job.

EDCO products have appeared in Rentals Unlimited stores for over 30 years because of their reliability, durability, and their overall ability to withstand the rental process as a whole.

One example of EDCO’s profitability in a Rental’s Unlimited store is a Dual-Disc Electric Floor Grinder from 1972 that has made the company over $34,000 while only needing $250 in parts, which acts as a testament to just how profitable EDCO can be for rental stores over time.

“They can definitely withstand a beating, and they’re incredibly sturdy. They just almost never break,” Rentals Unlimited employee Michael Jacobs said about EDCO products.

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