EDCO Sponsors Holiday Tree in Downtown Frederick

At Equipment Development Company- EDCO, we are proud to be active members in the Frederick community that we’ve called home for the past 40 years and counting. In that time, the city of Frederick has supported our growth and we seek out opportunities to pay that kindness forward.

During this holiday season, lights strung around trees are illuminizing Frederick’s historic and aesthetic downtown scene. This year, multiple organizations, companies, and residents teamed up to test a new project that lights up the night in Downtown Frederick.

After researching other nearby cities and their holiday lighting arrangements, the Downtown Frederick Partnership initiated the project that led to several changes with the city’s annual tree lighting logistics.

The lights will remain on display until daylight saving time in March. In years passed, the lights were taken down in February. Trees will also become more decorated with LED lights being strung from the trunk up through the branches.

The project is a pilot project that will be tested this year and community feedback will be considered and evaluated for the future of the project going forward.

To help raise funds for the lights, electrical equipment, and labor costs to install the lights, the partnership started a sponsorship program for the 154 trees to be lit along Patrick and Market streets.

The new project looks to bring a fresh holiday look to Frederick’s scenic downtown, along with showing cohesion and uniformity with the lights in our community.

EDCO’s tree, and the 153 others that other active community members sponsored, were officially unveiled the day after Thanksgiving at the “Frosty Friday”event that generates the excitement of the holiday season in Downtown Frederick with a lighting ceremony.

Many Frederick City events are put on by Downtown Frederick Partnership.


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