EDCO History Decades Series: Going the extra mile (The 1980s)

EDCO's Self-Propelled Saw in the 1980s

As we at Equipment Development Company- EDCO celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2019, we look back at each decade that created this longevity and set the foundation for where we are today and where we want to be going forward.

Our Beginning (1959 and the 1960s)
Our New Home (The 1970s)

Going the Extra Mile (The 1980s)

The EDCO building after moving to our second Frederick location. This photo shows the building at 40,000 sq. ft.

In September 1985, nine years after moving to Frederick, EDCO made the move to a newly built, company-owned building on Thomas Johnson Drive, approximately one mile away from the previous Frederick location. The new location was a 40,000 square foot building complete with a manufacturing floor and office space.

A year before moving to the new location, EDCO unveiled the slogan “Rental-Tough” to highlight the quality of our American-made machines and their ability to withstand the rigors of many rental jobs with little maintenance or replacements. That “Rental-Tough” phrase was added to the company’s logo in 1984, as the company turned 25 years old.

Starting in 1989, EDCO tested out a new part of their business after 30 years of serving solely the rental industry. The CONTRx line was designed to sell EDCO machines directly to contractors who used EDCO machines often. The “Rx” ending to the product line’s name was meant to represent the line being a “prescription for contractors.”

Though that part of the business was temporary with that attempt, it set the foundation for exploring similar ventures in the future.

Literature from the 1980s advertising our machine’s ability to handle rental’s toughest jobs

The 1980s also saw EDCO release a wave of new machines. A four-disc grinder was released in 1980. In 1982, a self-propelled concrete planer was added to the product line. A dual-arbor saw in 1983 allowed operators to cut on either side. Professional masonry saws in 1985 furthered EDCO’s line of sawing equipment. A “Chip-Dek” scabbler, which was later referred to as a Crete-Crusher, was added in 1987 to remove, level, and texture concrete surfaces. In 1987, EDCO released a traffic-line remover to grind away existing markings on roadways. Finally, in 1989, EDCO added air spades, later called chisel scalers, to help strip away materials such as floor coverings and shingles.


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