EDCO History Decades Series: Building for the Future (The 1990s)

A 1990s Masonry Saw

As we at Equipment Development Company- EDCO celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2019, we look back at each decade that created this longevity and set the foundation for where we are today and where we want to be going forward.

Our Beginning (1959 and the 1960s)
Our New Home (The 1970s)
Going the Extra Mile (The 1980s)

Building for the Future (The 1990s)

In the 1990s, our operation and space needs once again outgrew the space we occupied. So in 1998, we doubled the size of our building to approximately 85,000 square feet to allow more room for our manufacturing process to take place.

EDCO’s building after the expansion in 1998

Along with the resized building, EDCO machines began going through a change to their appearance. Going against the bright-color trend of the 1990s, EDCO machines began to be painted tan, which was later incorporated to the entire line in the mid 2000s to give a uniform and recognizable look to EDCO machines.

Improvements on existing machines continued during this decade as several new models replaced their older counterparts. As an example, to offer better dust prevention, EDCO added a unique “Multi-Vac Port” to all grinders. This vacuum port accommodates both 2-inch and 3-inch hoses, which expanded vacuum options. In 1991, EDCO introduced their own line of industrial vacuums, which are the recommended options for our machines.

Other changes to machines included expanded power options, which helped the operator use EDCO products at a variety of different job sites.

It was also in the 1990s that EDCO released the Strip-Serts accessories, which were created to remove thicker-soft coatings, after releasing Dyma-Serts in the late 1980s to remove thinner-hard coatings. Both of these accessories fit the popular diamond grinding tooling methods of that era.

Literature from 1998 advertising EDCO’s new gasoline paver saw

New machines in the 1990s included a CPM-8 walk-behind mini-planer (1991), which has since become one of our most popular machines to handle several applications, a crack-chaser saw (1991), and a hard-scape saw (1999).

Those new machines and the rest of the company’s presence gained exposure on a new platform as we welcomed the advancements in technology and expanded our customer reach with a website. The website made valuable information about EDCO and our products very accessible for our customers.

A new and simplified EDCO logo was rolled out in 1999. This logo with white lettering inside a red rectangle background remains the company’s logo in 2019.



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