EDCO hosts students from Frederick High School’s LYNX Program

Equipment Development Company – EDCO pulls a majority of our employees from the surrounding area, so we value the importance of building the next generation of the skilled Frederick workforce.

LYNX – “Linking Youth to New Experiences” – is a program at nearby Frederick High School that provides a flexible and individualized high school experience. The program offers community experiences that allow students to explore what they’re interested in.

In late March, we hosted the LYNX Program to introduce a group of eight students to insight about manufacturing and jobs.

Students received an inside look at our manufacturing process and received other valuable takeaways from the visit as part of their LYNX program at Frederick High School.

Starting with our Technical Department Team Lead Kenny Kober, students saw how our computer-aided design program sets the mold for the finished product. Then they watched as the raw material transformed into a complete LYNX logo, which they received as a souvenir from their field trip here at EDCO.

Our Human Resources Manager Cindy Malone also gave students resume-building advice and interview tips that can help them secure jobs in high school and beyond.

This field trip was the second consecutive year that EDCO has welcomed LYNX to our building, after the program began in the fall of 2017. LYNX started at Frederick High School, and may expand within Frederick County and other counties in the state in the future.

Students within the program choose which experiential field trips they want to attend based on the community partnerships that LYNX has made.

In addition to EDCO, students have visited AstraZeneca to learn about the biopharmaceutical field, Bar-T Mountainside to explore the ranch’s childcare program and renewable energy initiatives, along with many more. In all, over 65 partners from business, the community, and higher education have partnered with LYNX to provide these experiences for students.

These experiences are beneficial to students, allowing them exposure to what they’re interested in pursuing, while also beneficial to the community businesses. These businesses can make connections and teach students more about what the industry entails.

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and change, EDCO was eager to welcome these students in over the past two years to show them that manufacturing goes beyond just air tools and assembly lines, and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.


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