EDCO Vacuum Systems vs Pulsing Vacuums

Vortex 200 Vacuum paired with a Magna-Trap Turbo Grinder

There are several types of vacuums to choose from when collecting concrete, terrazzo and masonry dust created by surface preparation equipment.  EDCO Vacuum Systems eliminate 99% of hazardous airborne dust and drastically reduce floor surface clean up times.  EDCO Vacuums are simple, extremely durable, easy-to-use, contain long-lasting parts, and outperform competitors.  One of these competing vacuum kinds are Pulsing Vacuums.

Pulsing vacuum manufactures say their vacs are productive because automatic pulsating airbursts clean filters while working.  The internal vacuum pressure pushes air through one of the filters while the others continue to collect dust.  This happens throughout the job, so in theory the filters clean themselves while working, creating high-quality dust suppression.  While pulsing vacuums are significantly better than common shop vacuums when paired with surface preparation and sawing equipment, they are more complicated, less durable and have less filtration space than the kinds of vacuums EDCO offers.

Here are several drawbacks EDCO sees of Pulsing Vacuums.

  1. The parts that open and close letting pulsating air into the filters are complicated, expensive and often fail.  Once these parts fail, the filters cannot be cleaned, causing subpar dust collection and/or vacuum downtime.
  2. With 2 or 3+ filters inside the vacuum, pulsing vac manufacturers claim their overall filtration square footage is very large.  This is misleading as only 2 filters are ever actually filtering the air.  The reduced filtration area causes premature filter load.  This is a major reason pulsing vacs require costly filter changes every 4-6 months.
  3. Usable filtration area on cartridge filters are also usually less than what pulsing vac manufacturers claim because these filters are pleated.  Unfortunately there is no way to use the inside of these pleats.  Basically the dust sits on the outside of the filter pleats and the inside is unusable.
  4. When the one filter is being air cleaned inside a pulsing vac, the finer dust immediately gets sucked into its other filters. This means the dust is never dropped from the filters and just keeps loading from one to the next. The heavy dust has already settled. The dust in filters is always ultra-fine and hard to remove.
  5. The air pulsing through the filters is not enough to clean every square inch.   Because it doesn’t completely clean the filters, the air always finds the path of least resistance loosening the dust in one area of the filter.  When its time to pulse air through the same filter again, the air takes the same path of least resistance through that filter, cleaning that area again.  After a while, most of the filter is completely clogged with only a smaller area clean.

long lasting filter will not return any dust to the work area. This filter doesn’t require frequent changing unlike a pulse type cartridge filter which requires frequent replacing.

To sum it up pulsing vacuums are complicated and require expensive controls to clean the filters.

EDCO vacuums do not use any kind of pulsing action.  We believe the theory of pulsating is a gimmick and unnecessary.  Here are the benefits of EDCO Vacuum Systems:

  1. All of the filter area is usable.  Inside the EDCO Vortex 200 and Votex 290 are 13 sqft of filter space.  The entire square footage is usable because of its unique design.  This prevents premature dust load, meaning the vac will not return any dust to the work area and the life of the filter is extended. EDCO guarantees its filters for 3 years. Pulse type cartridge filters require more frequent changes – adding to cost.
  2. Operators simply clean the filter and remove the dust while the is vacuum is off.  Using the rear Shaker Bar, operators knock the dust from the single large filter into the bottom removable dust tray.  This simple process takes seconds and eliminates the need for pulsing’s complexity and parts.
  3. EDCO’s filter is designed to work dirty.  Even when there’s lots of dust inside the filter, the vacuum doesn’t lose suction.  While not recommended, users can fill EDCO vacuums until there is physically no more room for air. When full, simply shake the filter, empty the tray and start cleaning again without taking something apart.
  4. Operators never have to lift the top motor deck off EDCO vacuums to empty. This insures that operators do not drop, break, or compromise the vacuum seal during the emptying process.  Many competing vacs require operators to remove the motor deck when emptying.  EDCO Vacs have a simple bottom drop tray.
  5. EDCO Vacuums are virtually indestructible. No cheap metal parts.  The outside housing is unlike anything else. It stands up to the test of time – and EDCO guarantees it.  There is also a long-term filter guarantee.

No matter which kind of vacuum you use with construction equipment, be sure its suction is greater than common Shop Vacuums that cannot contain the massive amount of dust created.

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