EDCO Wins Awards

EDCO Dyma-Sliders. See more sliders at edcoinc.com

EDCO has won 2 industry awards

The EDCO Dyma-Slider Accessory System won the 2014 Innovative Product Award for the Concrete-Working Equipment category. EDCO grinders resurface, remove, and clean concrete surfaces. The accessory system was honored for its versatility and ease of use.  All Dyma-Sliders can be used on EDCO Turbo Grinders and Wedge-Less Floor Grinders.


For the third year in a row the EDCO 8” Scarifier was recognized by contractors using the machine.  It won the sliver in the 2014 Contractors Choice Award for the Pavement Marking Removal category.  In addition to removing lines, the CPM8 removes sidewalk trip hazards, thick coatings, concrete and asphalt.

The Innovative Product Awards are by Rental Equipment Register magazine while the Contractors Choice Awards are by Roads and Bridges Magazine.

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