Floor Covering Removal Tips

EDCO Manual Tile Shark (TS8)

Floor covering removal is usually a dirty and tiring job. Materials like ceramic, vinyl, VCT, linoleum, and carpeting do not come up easily, especially from high traffic areas. Contractors make careers from floor covering demolition and replacement.

Both Contractors and Homeowners use all kinds of products to remove flooring – anything from a traditional hammer & chisel to large ride-on tile strippers.

There are several jobsite/application questions to consider before removing flooring. These questions will help you pick the right demotion tool and develop a job timeframe:

  1. What / Where is the Job Site Location?
  • Power availability, Square footage, Loading dock for equipment?, Is the site currently occupied?, etc.
  1. What Is The Material Being Removed?
  • Various demolition equipment removes certain kinds of flooring material better than others.
  1. What Is The Condition Of The Flooring Material?
  • Is the covering deteriorated, flaking, solid, hard, soft, etc.?
  1. Approximately How Long Has The Material Been In Place?
  • Older Flooring vs. Newer Flooring, High Traffic Area vs. Seldom Used Area
  1. What Will Be Applied Over The Prepared Surface?
  1. How Large Is The Overall Job?
  • Setting a job timeframe is important
  1. Is Dust Control a Factor?


EDCO offers several flooring removal products – Tile Shark Floor Strippers and Chisel Scalers:

Tile Sharks

Self-Propelled Tile Shark:

This model TS-14 combines the power of a ride-on floor stripper with the dimensions of a smaller stripper. Its self-propulsion drive automatically pushes the machine through flooring material. It’s ideal for removing all kinds of hard (hardwood, parquet, ceramic tile) and soft (carpet, linoleum, vinyl) coverings. It will also strip specialized material including rubberized membranes and sports surfaces

Manual Tile Shark:

This model TS-8 can remove up to 200 sq. ft. per hour of soft material floor coverings including vinyl, linoleum, and carpet. Its portable, easy-to-use and works using only residential wall outlet power. It is not recommended for ceramic tile removal.

Air-Powered Chisel Scalers:

These air-powered tools use rapid hammering action to remove 200 sqft of ceramic tile per hour. These units eliminate the need for hammers and chisels and get workers off their hands and knees. Simply attach the EDCO Chisel Scalers to air compressors and begin working. These machines are ideal for removing tile, roofing materials, asbestos, and other build-ups.

Floor Covering Removal Tips” Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Now, it would help a lot of people to choose wisely when hiring flooring contractors. A certified expert should handle our flooring needs for safety and to avoid making the problem bigger and more expensive. The content was well-written. Thank you!

  2. Do-it-yourselfers and temporary workers for a long time have utilized since a long time ago dealt with ice scrubbers or level bladed scoops to help expel covers, for example, old floor tiles, stuck down covering, and material shingles.

  3. Like Fred Summers said “hiring a contractor can make a big difference.” I like #7, YES. Airborne dust is harmful to your health. Good tip!
    We specialize in capturing the dust so it does not go air born. Just another reason hiring a contractor it the way to go. Thank you for the removal tips.

  4. Hi I read your whole blog really it contains a lot of useful information regarding the floor covering removal so thanks.

  5. So, what kinds of products require to remove flooring.

  6. Hi Jason! I completely agree Remodeling never be an easy job to do but the tips you have stated will definitely be helpful If implemented a way they have to. Else, thanks for sharing…

  7. Demolition can be a dirty, rough and tough job to do even for the professionals. During demolition, it is necessary to use the right tools in order to get the desired results. The stripping tips you are mentioned above can be important for the individuals who want to start their demolition project.
    Thank you for posting…

  8. Un artculo muy interesante la verdad. Muchas gracias por la info, es lo que estaba buscando. Muchas gracias.

  9. Thanks for the information on what questions to ask myself when choosing the right demolition tool. I think I’ll be dealing with both hard and soft coverings, so the Self-Propelled Tile Shark might be the best option. Do you have any other advice for me?

    • Avatar Jason Stanczyk

      Yes if you need to remove both hard and soft coatings from large areas on a regular basis, the TS-14 Self Propelled Tile Shark is best. Be careful when the coverings are over wood subfloors, the TS-14 is aggressive. Make sure to turn the blade to bevel-side up. Watch the training video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gl1tjDQ7cg Video link is also on the product page. Call us for more information 800-638-3326

  10. A big key to demolition is having the right tools. I’ve tore up some floor coverings myself and it can be a pain without the right tools. This is where hiring a contractor can make a big difference. Thanks for the tips.

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