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The daughter of a long-time EDCO team member follows the website BowerPowerBlog.com

Katie Bower, the blog’s writer (or “Jedi-Knight” as she describes herself) posts that her website began when she “decided to write about this crazy adventure called life.” Her posts reflect her interests in home decor, home improvement, photography, and her family.

Through pictures & descriptions the post titled Removing Paint From Concrete Floors, chronicles how Katie and her husband turned their standard garage floor into a decorative surface. They rented the EDCO Single Disc Grinder from Home Depot to remove paint patches and prepare the floor for a Rust-Oleum brand coating.  The results are quite nice.

This post also shows the importance of pairing grinders with proper Vacuum Systems for dust suppression and cleaning.  The Bowers did not have a proper vacuum.  A common misconception is that common shop vacs, like the one the Bowers tried to pair with the EDCO Grinder, can capture the large volume of dust created by high-production surface preparation equipment.  They quickly learned this is false as dust filled the garage floor and entered their home.  Katie’s husband was smart to wear respiratory protection – prolonged exposure to concrete dust is very harmful.

EDCO Vacuum Systems eliminate airborne dust and drastically reduce surface cleaning times.  Using an EDCO Vortex 100 (available at several Home Depots) or the EDCO Vortex 200 would have saved this application LOTS of clean up time.  EDCO Vacuums are available in rental stores across the country for rental with grinders and other surface prep equipment.

Watch EDCO’s “Why Rent A Vacuum Video” on YouTube to see the difference between EDCO Vacs and shop vacs.

In the end the Bowers’ hard work doing the floor and walls paid off.  The space looks great!  Thanks for using EDCO on your job.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. We agree to this as concrete repairs experts.

  2. Avatar Luis Molina

    HI Guys
    I have a grinder MODEL SECHD-1.5L and I need to replace the diamond dots or a diamond disc, I use to remove Thin set residue , glue down residue and paint residue. Please I need information about high quality product and price.
    Thank you
    Luis Molina.

    • Avatar Jason Stanczyk

      Hello Luis, Contact Scott with Marketing Concepts, EDCO’s representatives in FL. He will take care of you: Cell: 904-887-9876. You can also call EDCO customer service and we’ll find you a local dealer, 800-638-3326. Thanks for your business

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