Using the CAD software SolidWorks for our manufacturing business

SolidWorks is a computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) program that allows us at Equipment Development Company – EDCO to perform a number of tasks easier than ever before.

Since adopting SolidWorks in late 2015, the program has become one of our most versatile and optimal options, allowing us to do more with design, manufacturing, training videos, creating content for marketing and creating technical documents.

We first learned of the impact that SolidWorks could have when EDCO became involved with contract fabrication through our EDCO Fabrication division, and we noticed other companies using the program. Since then, SolidWorks, one of the industry standards for CAD and CAE, has become a crucial part in many areas of our operation.


Our drawings are now done almost primarily on SolidWorks. Our technical department used the program to draft each part that we manufacture in house at EDCO. The drawings are complete with a SolidWorks rendering, specific measurements and specifications.


Using those drawings, our staff on the manufacturing floor has access to detailed drawings that serve as a guide for them. With precise measurements, tolerances, angles, etc., our manufacturers use their equipment – such as our fabricating laser, press brake or machining equipment – to fabricate the product to the necessary standard.

Training Videos:

Our customers are also benefiting from EDCO’s use of SolidWorks. We’ve been remaking our training videos with SolidWorks to continue providing important information about operation and maintenance.

These new SolidWorks videos allow EDCO to use renderings of our equipment to give viewers looks inside the machine at places a camera would not be able to access. These new angles available through SolidWorks are very beneficial to helping our customers understand the machine inside-out.


Our marketing team also uses SolidWorks to create visually-capturing content for e-blasts and other digital content. These unique looks at our machines are something we take pride in and go far beyond what we were able to provide before using SolidWorks.

Technical Documents:

SolidWorks also allows us to create diagrams for parts list and machine breakdowns that help our customers further understand our machines, making their operation and maintenance that much easier and comprehendible.



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