Manufacturing Inventory Jobs Designed to Increase Efficiency

With EDCO’s goal to continuously evolve our processes for the benefit of the customer and our employees, we created two new manufacturing inventory jobs in 2018 that will be dedicated to managing our expansive inventory.

Our inventory spans the entire length of our 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility and has previously been managed by a number of different people with other job responsibilities. These two new positions were designed to place an undivided attention on our supply of raw materials and parts, which will increase the efficiency of our manufacturing process thus benefitting our customers.

“If you don’t have the right amount of parts throughout the manufacturing process, suddenly everything’s put to a stop on that machine until we have the right inventory,” said Ray Tucker, who serves as purchasing manager and will oversee these manufacturing inventory jobs.

The two new positions were filled from within, as John King and Ed Turner were selected to improve EDCO’s workflow with increased accuracy and attention to detail. Both King and Turner are experienced in dealing with the inventory on our manufacturing floor and have collaborated with Tucker to emphasize key refinements to be made.

Among the focuses will be improving the Kanban system that is already in place. Kanban is a part-pulling system that derives from the lean manufacturing practice that EDCO has subscribed to since 2007. The system is designed to provide a cycle that maintains a steady supply of a given item, whether it is manufactured in our facility or purchased from an outside source. King and Turner updated the Kanban cards that are used to monitor our supply levels and they will also oversee the system’s operation.

“I believe we can make a real difference with the Kanban system by making sure the information on each card is correct, in terms of location, quantities needed and lead times for each item,” Turner said. “When we smooth those out, it will be a very successful system for us.”

In addition to the part-pulling system, the two will also prioritize updating part breakdowns of assembled parts, ensuring items are in the proper location for each department to utilize and organizing the areas where a bulk of our inventory is kept.

All of the components of the job will add value to our number one priority, the customer, as proper stock will help us avoid any delays in production. The manufacturing inventory jobs will also allow our shipping department to be readily equipped with the parts and accessories that our customers need for their EDCO machines.

“Ultimately, these positions will improve the customer experience when they request something from us. With a directed attention on inventory, we’ll meet their demands quicker than in the past,” King said.

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