“Putting Out Fires”: EDCO In Coatings Pro Magazine

Thanks to Criterion Flooring Systems LLC, the featured contractor in this Coatings Pro Magazine article, for using an EDCO Grinder to help rehabilitate this New Jersey firehouse floor.  The vintage EDCO grinder shown is decades old – still works!  You can tell this is an early model grinder as we installed dust prevention shields and vacuum ports many years ago.  None the less, this is an example of how long EDCO products last.  The Coatings Pro article is below ….


“It’s not often that a fire station sounds the alarm, but when the Perth Amboy Fire Department realized how poorly their builder had poured the concrete floor in their new station, they immediately called in the big guns. Because of the large geographic area this station serviced, the city needed a company that had experience installing safe, durable flooring systems for emergency vehicles.

Enter Criterion Flooring. Based in Elkridge, Md., Criterion started in 1972, and it has been in the niche market of fire station floor coatings since 2000 when Jim Peterson and his partner bought the company. They have done hundreds of fire station floors in New Jersey alone.

“We’ve been doing this for quite some time,” said Peterson. “When we started in this market, very few people in the whole of the northeast were serving fire stations. And today, although more competitors have joined the field, Criterion may not be the biggest or the cheapest, but we are the company a city calls when they need the job done right.”

The team had some hurdles to face, including lighting and power issues……..”

Read The Rest Of The Story & See Before – After Pictures Here….

“Putting Out Fires”: EDCO In Coatings Pro Magazine” Comment

  1. Well done! Read the rest of the story and looked at the photos, amazing difference and yes, a job done right.

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