Evolution of the EDCO Logo

Original EDCO Logo (1959):

60 years ago, the newly founded Equipment Development Company’s dual-disc grinder was on the brink of changing the rental industry and giving customers a machine to meet the pressing need of resurfacing large areas of concrete. After the new division of Rental Tools & Equipment in Silver Spring, Maryland, was born in 1959, a logo was created to differentiate the two and display on the dual-disc grinder and the wave of other new machines that followed shortly after. The gears of the EDCO logo derived from Rental Tools & Equipment’s logo that also featured rounded gears around the company name.

EDCO Rental-Tough Logo (1984):

In 1984, as EDCO celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company, we decided to highlight the durability of our machines that withstand the rigors of many rental jobs with little maintenance or replacements. The “Rental-Tough” slogan was implemented on literature and incorporated onto the logo 1984. That “Rental-Tough” phrase is still used at EDCO today, as machines still proudly display that standard on a decal.


EDCO Gear and Globe Logo (1993):

While the Rental-Tough component of the logo was removed from the logo in 1993, our machines never compromised quality and the ability to withstand the rigors of the tough rental jobs. This 1993 edition of the logo maintained the gears of the original logo, but added a globe through the larger gear. The globe represented that our company was worldwide, which was a common marketing emphasis among businesses in that era.

Current EDCO Logo (1999):

In 2000, for the first time in the company’s history, a logo without gears appeared. What’s remained consistent on the logo over the past 60 years has been the font of “EDCO.” The new logo at the turn of the century simplified the design of our logo, but was clean-cut to continue to use going forward, as it’s still our company’s logo and represents what we are as a manufacturer. The logo isn’t flashy or over-the-top, but it gets the job done and that’s what our machines have done for the past 60 years.









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