Using EDCOEd to Train Our Customers

At Equipment Development Company- EDCO, one of our core beliefs is training — along with quality and safety, technology and American manufacturing. Our training initiatives are designed to help our customers be successful with our equipment.

EDCOEd was introduced in early 2017 and operates on our fundamental basis that lasting success and rental profitability training creates lasting success and rental profitability with EDCO products. 

This free, 24-hour training option includes six certification tracks, each focusing on EDCO’s major product groupings:

Each concentration track has sections regarding products’ maintenance, the importance and achievement of dust suppression, and information on profitably renting the equipment. Every section that comprises the concentration tracks contains videos and questions that the user must answer correctly to ultimately become certified for that grouping.

The MagnaTrap track reviews many important factors of our new-era concrete grinding surface preparation equipment and tooling that is specifically designed to withstand the rigorous rental industry. EDCOEd users review the stripping, grinding and removing applications that the versatile MagnaTrap grinders and tooling are capable of achieving. 

In the Crete-Plane Systems® track, EDCOEd users are given an overview of our concrete planers (also known as scarifiers) that are designed to level, remove, clean, and texture surfaces. Registered EDCOEd users are also trained to properly load the drum with accessories. In this grouping is the rental industry’s most profitable product, the 8” Walk-Behind Crete-Planer® (model CPM8), which is commonly used for removing sidewalk trip hazards.

The Crete-Crush® concentration track focuses on EDCO’s Crete-Crushers (also known as scabblers). These air-powered machines are used for bulk removal applications such as recapping, demolishing concrete curbs, and ceramic tile removal. 

While each concentration track covers dust suppression, the EDCO Vacuum Systems concentration track gives an overview of using EDCO’s line of vacuums. A video comparison of our vacuum systems versus common shop vacs clearly exemplifies why using EDCO’s vacuum systems is the best option. OSHA’s silica dust standards are also explained to EDCOEd users in this track.

The electric-powered Tile Shark and the air-powered chisel scalers are covered in the Tile Removal track. During this track, users are shown the common applications and proper usage for both the Tile Shark and chisel scaler, which are both used to remove floor coverings and surfaces, including: vinyl, linoleum, carpeting, rubber flooring, and ceramic.

The final track of EDCO’s professional training platform familiarizes the user with our expansive line of professional sawing equipment. The walk-behind, self-propelled, and table saws in this grouping are used for short-run and long-run applications, and cutting a variety of materials including concrete, asphalt, and stone. 

Upon completion of each EDCOEd track, customers are emailed a certificate to signify their newfound proficiency with our products and accessories.

The benefits of EDCOEd are already spreading around the country as rental stores that have carried EDCO products for decades are using our training platform to equip their employees with the knowledge to provide information to customers, answer questions, maintain the machines and profitably rent out the equipment and tooling.

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