What Is Surface Preparation Equipment?

Tile Removers are popular Surface Preparation Equipment Products (EDCO TS14)

EDCO manufactures a full line of Surface Preparation Equipment.  This article defines what kinds of products are considered SPE.

Surface Preparation Definition:

In the 1950’s, the Rental Industry (companies who purchase products and rent them to their customers) generally defined “surface preparation” as early mechanical methods of resurfacing floors.  At that time, the first electrical concrete floor grinders were coming into the market. Years later, other types of machines further defined the term.

Today, surface preparation loosely defines a group of equipment that is primarily used to fix mistakes or repair the surface of concrete and asphalt. We broadly categorize this equipment as grinders, scarifiers, tile removers, scabblers and shot blasters.

Surface Preparation Product Categories:

Low RPM Grinders -Floor grinders use accessories rotating on a horizontal plane to level, profile, clean or polish a concrete slab surface.  Low RPM Grinders are designed for topical concrete applications, such as surface smoothing, cleaning, light leveling and thin coating removal. These machines are homeowner and DIY-friendly.

Turbo Grinders – Turbo Grinders spin accessories at much higher speeds than low rpm grinders, making them more aggressive for heavy-duty applications. These applications include leveling expansion joints and high spots, removing thick coverings and smoothing rough surfaces.

With an array of accessories for different applications, grinders are some of the most versatile pieces of surface preparation equipment available. They are constantly utilized for the surface preparation jobs mentioned above, and are sought-after rental items for both residential and commercial job sites.

Scarifiers – Scarifier machines apply rotating drums with cutting accessories to handle concrete and asphalt surfaces. These versatile machines have various styles of interchangeable cutting assemblies that can be used for surface cleaning, light milling or heavy removal.  Scarifiers are popular for removal-based rental applications such as concrete and asphalt leveling, coatings removal, floor preparation, marking removal and sidewalk trip hazard repair. A trip hazard is where two concrete slabs come together and one is forced higher than the other, creating a lip over which a person could trip and fall. Trip hazards are reoccurring issues for municipalities, property management companies, universities, parks and any place with sidewalks. The EDCO CPM8 quickly mows down these hazards.

Tile Removers – Tile removers use a rapid hammering action to remove a variety of floor coverings and are usually pneumatically or electrically powered. Mechanical tile removers are more productive than traditional hammers and chisels.  Applications for air-chisel scalers, floor strippers and ride-on tile removers are countless. Homes, stores and industrial spaces eventually require remodeling. Anywhere linoleum, carpeting, vinyl, ceramic and other floor coverings exist, lies a need for tile removing equipment.

Scabblers – Scabblers use compressed air to hammer piston-mounted accessories into concrete surfaces. They roughen and remove surfaces more than grinding and scarifying. Depending on surface strength, scabblers can remove nearly ¼ in. of concrete per pass. Scabblers are used for drastic removal jobs and are more specialized than grinders, scarifiers and tile removers. These machines can create wheelchair access ramps, break up deteriorated concrete and remove specific coatings. Requiring air power limits a scabbler’s reach, as large air compressors are needed. Despite their power limits, scabblers make significant impacts on the tasks they’re designed to accomplish.

Shot Blasters – Shot blasters propel small steel shot at high velocity onto concrete and steel surfaces. This process cleans and profiles the floor, leaving it ready for new coverings.  While the size of steel shot varies, blasting essentially produces one type of surface profile. Although this sounds limiting, many thicker coatings only can adhere to shot-blasted surfaces. Professional shot-blast contractors use large models and charge premium prices for their services. It is much more cost-effective for homeowners and general contracting businesses to rent smaller shot-blasting machines.

What Is Surface Preparation Equipment?” Comments

  1. surface preparation loosely defines a group of equipment that is primarily used to fix mistakes or repair the surface of concrete and asphalt. We broadly categorize this equipment as grinders, scarifiers, tile removers, scabblers and shot blasters.

  2. I think the tile removing can be a lot of fun. I think most people will agree that destroying stuff can really get some stress out. And getting the jackhammer in extreme case can really make you feel like a tough guy! Thanks for posting this info and steps!

  3. Very interesting article. I have always wonder what are the things repairmen use when they repair streets. These equipment sounds little complicated. I hope they are professionals. Best regards!

  4. Thank you very much for this information. I have this project that I’m working on, and it involves breaking concrete. I want to make sure that I get the right equipment for the job, and this information on surface preparation equipment was very helpful. As far as my needs go, I think the scarifier is probably the tool for the job.

  5. Thanks for the basics of what is considered surface preparation. I was just looking into what tools could be helpful in laying concrete. This is just what I was looking for. I had heard about shot blasting and was wondering about using it or getting it professionally done. Thanks for the advice.

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