Surface Prep

How to Increase Profitability with an EDCO Diamond Drum

The right products can help contractors complete their jobs faster, improving efficiencies and enhancing their surface solution business.

Contractors who have been in the industry a long time know that while time does equal money, there will be very little success without quality results. At EDCO, they work to provide their customers with the equipment that does both: saves time and leaves a superior finish. The EDCO Diamond Drum is their latest innovation that drastically improves the efficiency of resurfacing projects when using a Crete-Planer. The Diamond Drum can complete projects up to 3-4 times faster and last 15 times longer than a standard carbide drum.

Scarify & Smooth in One Step? Now You Can

The polycrystalline diamond (PCD) found on the drum is the hardest artificial substance in the world and has excellent wear resistance. When used on resurfacing projects, these drums leave a much smoother finish in one step which saves significant resources.

On a typical project, scarifiers using flailing carbide cutters leave a Concrete Surface Profiles (CSP) of 4-6 when they remove the surface material. It also takes multiple passes with a floor grinder and various grit diamond tooling to achieve these results. They then have to go in and smooth the surface again with a diamond floor grinder to achieve the final desired result. These are steps many contractors are used to completing on their projects but ones that can be time consuming nonetheless.

The EDCO Diamond Drum at a Glance

  • Plows off high build epoxy and cementitious/epoxy materials leaving a perfect profile for recoating or polishing
  • Dramatically enhance your EDCO
    by delivering a smooth profile at 2-3 times faster than the carbide drum
  • One EDCO Diamond Drum will out last over 15 traditional carbide drums
  • Excellent line removal and safety line inlay on both asphalt and concrete
  • Combine multiple steps of scarifying and grinding; No need to grind and smooth with two different machines
  • Saves time, money and labor

With a Diamond Drum however, contractors have the ability to remove and smooth in one step, leaving a CSP profile of a 1-2 which can be achieved in one pass. Since contractors are able to achieve their desired results in half the time, using the Diamond Drum can help them gain higher profit margins on their projects

Control Your Resources

Being in control of how fast a job takes you to complete – and doing the work in half the time – will not only save you time, but it will also save you in labor and material costs as well.

With a typical carbide drum, the cutter rotates and in a sense slams onto the surface causing a micro-fracture to the surface when removing materials. With the Diamond Drum, there is more of a shaving action which causes less trauma to the surface allowing for a better quality result.

Not only will the Diamond Drum provide a smoother finish faster, it will also keep your machine running longer as well. With a typical scarifier, contractors put a lot of wear on the machine to get the surface to the desired finish.

The shaving action on the Diamond Drum is less abrasive on the surface and the machine, handling the job in a more effective manner.

The Diamond Drum is also much more durable than a typical carbide, lasting over 15 traditional carbide drums. The time contractors can save in maintenance and downtime alone can add up significantly over time.

In a congested market, EDCO tools are the number one choice of contractors who are looking to gain an edge over their competition. The Diamond Drum will not only enhance your efforts, but ensure you’re going into every jobsite with the ultimate tool to achieve a desired profile of CSP 1-2 finish in half the time. If you want to understand the benefits of the Diamond Drum, EDCO has over 60 years of experience in adding value to their customers’ businesses. Contact them today at