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Wheeling High School Manufacturing Program

Manufacturing Jobs – Where Are They?

Manufacturing jobs are all over the USA. Unfortunately, manufacturers are having trouble filling vacancies.

An interesting article entitled More High Schools Teach Manufacturing Skills appeared in the 11/12 USA Today. Paul Davidson wrote about the success of Wheeling High School’s manufacturing program in Illinois. Wheeling turns out hire-ready manufacturing workers who can take advantage of the growing demand for skilled labor.  Manufacturers across the country are looking for young talent to eventually replace the retiring Baby Boomer generation. At the same time, many school systems have minimized vocational programs.

A misconception continually plagues the manufacturing industry when it comes to young recruitment:

“Manufacturing is dogged by an outdated image that it’s “very physical, labor-intensive, you’re working with your hands, you’re getting dirty and there’s no career path,” says Gardner Carrick, vice president of the Manufacturing Institute, the industry’s training arm. Actually, “you’re working with computers and robots that are doing what you used to do by hand. That requires a skill set (in math and science) above what was required a generation ago.”

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