Power Meets Performance in The Dirt Line

EDCO’s lineup of Post Hole Diggers were designed with the end user in mind

When it comes to customer satisfaction, EDCO works to deliver a superior product every time. This is especially true with the new 2-Person Post Hole Digger that was reverse engineered to meet every need the user could want.

Machine Design

As with all EDCO’s products, the machine starts with a durable steel frame that is “rental tough.” The augers are built with heavy duty components, meeting EDCO’s precision standards and the machine is available in a 8-in. or 12-in. unit. The Pengo-Type Boring Head that comes standard on each digger offers superior digging with less maintenance.

Unlike other post hole diggers with a direct drive, this machine has a centrifugal clutch that stops the throttle completely when released. This stops the auger from spinning, cutting down on engine and auger wear and tear.

Operator Comfort

The tasks needed to be performed with a post hole digger can be challenging, so it’s important to keep the operators comfortable so they can continue to be productive. The composite resin handle bars are non-conductive, corrosion resistant, lightweight and flexible, yet rigid, which provides less vibration for the operator.

The on/off switch on this machine has been placed on the side to help eliminate accidental activation of the switch while operating the unit and the throttle is adjustable and press lever actuated, allowing for simple and easy operation.

And with the addition of the centrifugal clutch, operators experience less fatigue when using the machine as they don’t need to manage a spinning auger when the throttle is not engaged.

Superior Support

Customers have come to expect a dependable machine from EDCO and the 2-Person Post Hole Digger delivers.

Maintenance on this machine has been simplified with the addition of a spur gear transmission. This transmission delivers more power than a worm gear and is engineered for a longer life, with no belts to maintain.

The tub-style gear case features no seams like a customary split case, preventing areas where the machine may leak.

Finally, every EDCO product is coupled with unmatched reliability and customer support. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers and our ability to deliver a superior customer experience. Should you need support or parts, our team is based in the U.S. and ready and available to help. Learn more about EDCO and our commitment to the rental industry at Products – EDCO Experience Portal (edcoinc.com).