Dyma Serts are diamond segments welded to a backing plate to improve grinding speed and remove tough coatings.

Dyma-Serts grind 5 times faster than grinding stones and last longer – up to 30,000 square feet (2,800 sq. m.) of grinding action on standard 3,500 PSI concrete. Dyma-Serts can be used for wet or dry grinding.

Ideal for:

  • Smoothing rough surfaces or trowel marks
  • Grinding terrazzo
  • Repairing surface damage to concrete slabs
  • Removing urethane or epoxy thincoats
  • Grinding sharp aggregates such as flint and granite
  • Removing surface imperfections from epoxy mortars
  • Leveling high spots
  • Removing thin mastics and thin-set

For use on:

DYMA-Serts™ 1X - General Purpose

Product Number
  • DYMA-Serts™ 1X - Part #19110

DYMA-Serts™ 2X - Medium Matrix

Product Number
  • DYMA-Serts™ 2X - Part #19130

DYMA-Serts™ 3X - Hard Matrix

Product Number
  • DYMA-Serts™ 3X - Part #19180

Magna-Trap Grinder Dyma-Sert / PCDyma-Sert Holding Case

Product Number
  • Slide-On Holding Case - Part #19360

Classic-Style Grinder Dyma-Sert / PCDyma-Sert Holding Case

Product Number
  • Classic-Style Holding Case - Part #19120