Magna-Trap® Tooling – Economy REMOVAL Tool

Ideal For:

  • Industrial strength coatings removal
  • Thick-hard coating removal
  • Texturing concrete surfaces
  • Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) Rating: Varies depending on application
  • Tooling Classification: Directional
    • Single Disc Grinders (SEC-NG, TL-9, TG-10 & TMC-7) require Left-Hand tooling only.
    • Dual Disc Grinders (2EC-NG, 2GC-NG, 2D-HD) require BOTH Left and Right-Hand tooling.

Economy Removal Tool Counter Display:
Comes with 6 Left-hand Tooling packs and 6 Right-hand Tooling packs. Display is refillable. 

For use on:

LEFT-Hand Economy REMOVAL Tool

Product Number
  • LEFT-Hand (Blue) 3-pack - Part #M401PL

RIGHT-Hand Economy REMOVAL Tool

Product Number
  • RIGHT-Hand (Black) 3-pack - Part #M401PR

Economy REMOVAL Tool Counter Display

Product Number
  • REMOVAL Tool Counter Display (w/6 Left-hand Packs & 6 Right-hand Packs)) - Part #M401BX