Magna-Trap® Tooling – Economy GRINDING Tool

Ideal For:

  • Smoothing Concrete
  • Thin-Hard Coating Removal
  • Common Surface Preparation Tasks on General-Purpose Concrete
  • Leaves clean smooth finish.  Use this less sq.ft. tool when application cannot be qualified
  • Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) Rating: 1-2
  • Tooling Classification: Omni-Directional

Economy GRINDING Tool Counter Display:
Comes with 12 Medium Concrete Tooling packs. Display is refillable. 

For use on:

General Purpose Concrete Grinding

Product Number
  • Economy Grinding Tool (3 pack) - Medium Concrete - Part #M501MC
  • Economy Grinding Tool (3 pack) SOFT Concrete - Part #M501SC

Economy REMOVAL Tool Counter Display

Product Number
  • GRINDING Tool Counter Display (w/12 Medium ConcretePacks) - Part #M501BX