Strip-Serts are carbide tipped blocks designed to clean floors without grinding into the concrete.

Strip-Serts have a replaceable, multi-sided tungsten carbide edge that can be rotated for maximum use.

Ideal For:

  • Removing mastics, paints, resins, tar, fiberglass, ice and industrial buildups

Strip-Serts are designed to strip away coatings not to grind concrete. Grinding concrete with Strip Serts will dull the sharp edges quickly causing the grinding action to stop.

For use on:

Slide-On Strip-Sert™ - Left Hand Disc

Product Number
  • Slide-On Strip-Sert™ (Assembly Complete) - Left Hand Disc - Part #12420

Slide-On Strip-Sert™ - Right Hand Disc

Product Number
  • Slide-On Strip-Sert™ (Assembly Complete) - Right Hand Disc - Part #12424

Classic-Style Grinder Strip-Sert™

Product Number
  • Classic-Style Grinder Strip-Sert™ (Assembly Complete) - Part #12400

Strip-Sert Pro Tungsten Carbide Blocks Replacement Pack

Product Number
  • Pro Tungsten Carbide Blocks - 6 Pack - Part #12407