Grinding, Stripping & Scraping

These products remove coverings and resurface floors.

EDCO Magna-Trap® Floor Grinders and Turbo Grinders are versatile pieces of surface preparation equipment. Multiple speeds and accessories are available for a wide variety of applications, including coating removal, leveling, smoothing, texturing, and preparing.

Floor Strippers remove ceramic, linoleum, vinyl, parquet, and other floor coverings.

Air-Powered Chisel Scalers remove floor coverings, roofing shingles, ice, insulation, asbestos, & more.

Application Product Video
Carpet Glue/Mastic Removal Floor Grinder/Strip-Serts View Example
Thin Set Removal Turbo-Lite Grinder/Dyma-Dots View Example
General Smoothing of Concrete Surface Floor Grinder/Dyma-Serts or Dyma-Dots View Example
Preparing Concrete Surface For Coatings Floor Grinder/Dyma-Serts or Dyma-Dots
General Coating Removal 10″ Turbo Grinder/Dyma-Dots View Example
VCT/Vinyl Tile Removal Push Tile Shark/Rigid Scraper Blades View Example
Ceramic Tile Removal Ceramic Tile Chisel