Surface & Marking Removal

These products remove concrete and asphalt surfaces.

EDCO Crete-Planers™ aggressively remove surface material up to 1/8” per pass using carbide and steel cutters. Crete-Planers™ also texture, level, clean, and etch surfaces.

Magna-Trap® Turbo Grinders are high-RPM machines that use different accessories for a variety of applications; including coating removal, leveling high spots, and smoothing rough concrete.

Air-Powered Crete-Crushers™ hammer carbide bits into concrete surfaces removing up to a ¼” per pass. They’re more aggressive than both Crete-Planers™ and Turbo Grinders, and are used for drastic removal jobs, like creating wheelchair access ramps.

EDCO’s Traffic Line Remover is designed specifically to remove markings from asphalt while creating feathered surfaces that quickly blend.

Application Product Video
Bulk Removal of Concrete Crete-Crusher™/Carbide Bits View Example
Trip Hazard Removal 8″ Crete-Planer™/Carbide Cutters View Example
Traffic Line Removal Traffic Line Remover/Pin Cutters View Example