Surface Leveling

These products level different size high spots and trip hazards.

EDCO Magna-Trap® Turbo Grinders are high-RPM machines that use different accessories for a variety of applications; including, leveling high spots, leveling contraction joints and smoothing rough concrete.

EDCO Crete-Planers™ aggressively remove surface material up to 1/8″ per pass using carbide and steel cutters. Crete-Planers™ also texture, level, clean, and etch surfaces.

Lower-RPM Magna-Trap® Floor Grinders are versatile pieces of surface preparation equipment used for topical applications including light leveling and concrete smoothing.

Air-Powered Crete-Crushers™ hammer carbide bits into concrete surfaces removing up to ¼” per pass. They’re more aggressive than both Crete-Planers™ and Turbo Grinders, and are used for drastic removal jobs, like creating wheelchair access ramps.

Application Product Video
Joint Curl Removal 10″ Turbo Grinder/Diamond Segmented Disc
Leveling Concrete Floors Crete-Planer™/Carbide Cutters