Magna-Trap® Grinders & Tooling


What Is EDCO Magna-Trap®?

Magna-Trap® Systems is a new era in concrete grinding surface preparation equipment and tooling specifically designed for the rental industry.  With both rental and retail opportunities, EDCO’s Magna-Trap® System solves virtually every concrete grinder surface preparation application.

An investment in Magna-Trap® brings:

  • Same surface preparation tooling across EDCO Floor Grinders and Turbo Grinder product lines
  • 90% improvement in tooling changeover times compared to existing tooling systems
  • Increased application solutions through new tooling selections
  • Consistency and Simplicity in approaching surface preparation tasks and rentals
  • Decreased risk of lost rental revenues due to tooling burn out
  • Opportunity to increase Return On Investment over existing tooling systems and grinding machines

Magna-Trap® Grinding Machines

EDCO invented the modern day Floor Grinder.  Magna-Trap® Grinders are the proven & Rental-Tough designs we’ve manufactured for 50+ years, updated with modern features making them more productive and versatile than ever before.  The Magna-Trap® Grinder options include:

Floor Grinders:
Dual-Disc Floor Grinders
Single-Disc Floor Grinder
Heavy-Duty Floor Grinder / Polisher

Turbo Grinders:
10” Turbo Grinder
7” Turbo Edge Grinder
Turbo-Lite Grinder

Magna-Trap® Tooling

MT Tooling options are designed to bring consistency and simplicity to surface preparation applications and rentals.  The combined capabilities of the 4 core Magna-Trap® tools, (Magna-BladesDyma-Dots, Dyma-Segs, Dyma-PCD w/ Backing Segment) are designed to solve most surface preparation tasks.  These options are available in the new Magna-Trap® Rental Packages*.  In addition, there are Tooling options for Specialty Applications.

*Magna-Trap® Rental Packages:  Floor Grinder Package: Magna-Blades, Double Dyma-Dots, Dyma-Segs, Dyma-PCD w/ Backing Seg,  Turbo Grinders Package: Double Dyma-Dots, Dyma-Segs, Dyma-PCD w/ Backing Seg.  In addition, there are also Magna-Trap® Tooling for Speciality Applications listed below.

Tooling Classifications:

Hard Concrete (HC) – Softest bond. For use on concrete that contains low amounts of abrasive aggregate.
Medium Concrete (MC) – Medium bond. General purpose concrete.
Soft Concrete (SC) – Hardest bond. For use on Abrasive Concrete (recommended bond for Coastal Areas/Green Concrete).

Omni-Directional Accessories – Accessories are not specific towards the rotation of the disc:
• Can be loaded on both the LH-Left Hand and RH-Right Hand discs.

Directional Accessories – Accessories that are specific towards the rotation of the disc:
• Single Disc Grinders (SEC-NG, TL-9, TG-10 & TMC-7), require LEFT-Hand Accessories only.
• Dual Disc Grinders (2EC.NG, 2GC-NG & 2D-HD) require both LEFT-Hand and RIGHT-Hand Accessories.

**Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) – The surface profile is the measure of the average distance from the peaks of the surface to the valleys as seen through a cross-seciontal view of the concrete surface. The standards are rated 1-9 (1=Smoothest, 9=Roughest)

**See bottom of page for Concrete Surface Profile Ratings Chart.



   Magna-Blades – Carbide tipped accessory specifically designed to remove thicker/soft coatings from concrete without grinding the surface.
   Generally used to remove tacky material thicker than 1/16″. These materials include glues, mastics, paint and tar.
   CSP: 0 to 1
                        Classification: Directional

Magna-2-DotsbDouble Dyma-Dots – General grinding of epoxies, mastics, thin-sets, and other coverings. Leaves clean smooth surfaces with small amount of scratches and no gouging. General Purpose accessory used for a wide range of prepping and removal applications.
CSP: 1 to 2
Classification: Omni-Directional

Magna-segsbDyma-Segs – General purpose aggressive grind. Designed for coating and concrete removal. Leaves clean smooth surfaces with medium amounts of scratches. Available in Coarse Grit only.
CSP: 2
Classification: Omni-Directional

Magna-PCDbackingDyma-PCD* w/Backing Segment – Designed for medium removal of hard coatings & waterproofing membrane. The backing segment prevents the PCD from digging/gouging deep into concrete. However, it will slow down the removal rate on thicker coatings. Leaves a medium texture and medium scratch marks on the surface.
CSP: Varies depending on application
                         Classification: Directional




Magna-dymasertsDyma-Serts – General purpose grinding of bare concrete and thinner hard coatings. Ideal for erasing concrete surface imperfections, light concrete leveling, and coatings removal. Leaves clean smooth surface with small amount of scratches and no gouging. CSP: 1 to 2
Classification: Omni-Directional


Magna-DotbSingle Dyma-Dots – Aggressively Grinds concrete. Removes epoxies and other hard coatings. Leaves a clean surface with medium amount of scratches and no gouging. General Purpose commonly used for removing coatings. CSP: 2
Classification: Omni-Directional


Magna-pcdDyma-PCD* – Designed for heavy removal of hard coatings, & waterproofing membrane. Leaves a rough surface texture and can potentially create heavy scratch marks on concrete. Designed for fast removal of thick coatings and industrial strength coverings. CSP: Varies depending on application
Classification: Directional


Magna-arrowbDyma-Arrows – Designed to remove mastic and glue from concrete and leave a clean smooth surface with medium amount of scratches. Ideal for fast concrete grinding. Not recommended for prepping concrete for polishing. CSP: 2
Classification: Directional

Retail-grinding-accessoryRetail Grinding Tool – Common surface preparation tasks on general-purpose concrete.  Designed for thin-hard coating removal, prepping and smoothing concrete.  Leaves clean smooth finish.  Use this less sqft tool when application cannot be qualified. CSP: 1 to 2
Classification: Omni-Directional

** Concrete Surface Profiles (CSP) Ratings Chart