EDCO Profits Guaranteed Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the EDCO PROFITS Guarantee exclusively for Equipment Rental Dealers. Learn how to profit with the highest ROI equipment in the industry. Please take a moment to review our straightforward terms and conditions to ensure a successful partnership.

Properly Qualify Application

Answer 15 qualifying questions to ensure proper machine(s) & tooling selection.


Achieve ROI within +/- 30 rental days, following the EDCO How To Profitably Rent rate guide.


Order, stock, rent, sell and install only EDCO brand tooling

Follow Maintenance Guidelines

Adhere to daily & weekly maintenance guidelines

Complete HTO and RTR video training series

In-Person, hands on training

All Rental personnel must undergo in-person, hands-on training.

Train online at http://EDCOed.com

All personnel (Managers, Sales, Counter & Tech personnel)

Share ROI data

Share ROI data at 12 & 24 month intervals to evaluate progress.

Get the Education, Training & Support you need to Succeed and PROFIT with EDCO Machines & Tooling.
Guaranteeing Profits since 1959
We Got You!

*EDCO’s PROFIT Guarantee Exclusively covers the following machines ONLY: SEC-NG, 2EC-NG, TMC-7E, TL-9, CPM-8G & E, CPL-8G & E, VAC-200, TS-8, KL-14, KL-18, DS-18E, DS-20, BB-14E & G, TMS-7