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The Versatility Of EDCO’S Walk-Behind Saws

These legacy products continue to be workhorse performers for a range of applications and industries

Since 1960, EDCO has been perfecting the design and function of their walk-behind saws. Their first model was a small 12-inch unit which set the standard in the market for these machines.

Today, EDCO offers a wide range of walk-behind units from 14-inch all the way up to a 20-inch, each model building on the one before to ensure the end user is getting the most out of the equipment.


Walk-behind saws have a range of uses and applications. They are ideal for creating grooves and inlays into slabs of concrete and are often used for trenching, demolition, patch repair, and other concrete and asphalt applications. These saws are very effective on cured concrete and asphalt surfaces.

To determine what size saw you need, operators first need to know the application the equipment will be used in. The deeper the cut, the bigger the saw needed.

“One of the most important questions when trying to determine what saw you’re going to need comes down to the depth of cut,” Ed Chrisinger, Southeast Regional Sales Manager at EDCO says. Other important questions that need to be asked are: what type of power can you run at the job site. What kind of diamond blade do you need based on the material you’ll be cutting and what is the lineal feet of the cut. Different surfaces have different thicknesses to the slab. “Many sidewalk slabs will be around four inches, while residential and commercial buildings slabs range anywhere from four to six inches. Finally, you’ll have municipalities or even highway work for these saws where the slabs are going to be a lot thicker and the cut will be longer, you’ll need a whole different type of saw called a self propelled saw.”

A 14-inch saw will cut about 4-¾-inch deep. For users that need a deeper cut, they will step up to an 18-inch saw which has a maximum cutting depth of 6-¾-inch. EDCO’s biggest walk-behind saw is the 20-inch which has a maximum cutting depth of 7-¾-inch.


EDCO knows contractors can choose any equipment for their projects, but prides themselves on creating machines that are not only easy to use, but built to stand the test of time.

“These machines are not only very easy for the operators to use, but are also made to last with seven gauge steel,” Ed says. “Using this heavy duty material on EDCO’s reinforced undercarriage frame is important when making a saw because when you do saw cutting for a living and you’re constantly loading and unloading your saw and your cutting with it, the frame starts to twist and bend which causes uneven cuts. By having that heavy duty undercarriage frame, we really prevent that and that provides the operator with a straight cut every time which is why EDCO saws are very popular in the industry.”

Due to their size, walk-behind saws are ideal for short-run applications where users need both high performance and portability. The different models EDCO produces each have their distinct advantages to the user and the project they are working on.


The EDCO KL-14 gas walk-behind saw is a unique compact unit that features a foldable handle for easy transportation and storage. The 14- inch blade cuts up to 4-¾-inch deep and works in a downcut position, making it perfect for short-run cutting applications like utility installation, road repair and trenching. This unit is light in weight for easy lifting and unloading and it has an optional water tank kit for cutting in remote areas where water hook up is not available.


The KL-18 is an 18-inch gas saw that offers quality features at an economical price. The thick steel frame, improved throttle cable and arbor wrenches make this machine ideal for stepping up to a larger blade from the 14- inch units. The KL-18 unit can cut up to 6-¾- inch deep.


The DS-18 is a dual arbor electric saw where users can cut on either side of the machine, instead of just the right side. This machine can cut up to 6-¾-inch deep. The DS-18 is only available in an electric version. 


The DS-20 is one of EDCO’s newest machine offerings and was created specifically for the rental industry who asked for a saw with a 20-inch blade capacity. The DS-20 is EDCO’s premium walk-behind saw and will cut up to 7-¾-inch deep.

Features on this machine include protected throttle cable, easy turn depth handwheel, strong lifting points and EDCO’s anti-vibration engine mount that helps the blade cut straight. The DS20 is available in gas and electric.


When you choose a walk-behind saw from EDCO, you’re getting the entire equipment package. You’re not just going to get a quality piece of equipment you can depend on, but you’re going to get the support you need to keep it working as hard as you need it to. From the simplicity of operation and maintenance, to the customer support, EDCO machines will continue to work as hard as you do.

Plus, all equipment developed by the team at EDCO is a part of their extensive training program. From initial use of the machine, straight through any maintenance needs, their library of video resources is available to help you get up and running, fast.

With decades of knowledge to support them, EDCO walk-behind saws will continue to be the equipment of choice for contractors looking to maximize their time and effort.