Floor Grinders vs Hand-Held Grinders

EDCO Magna-Trap Grinder, TL-9

An EDCO team member visited a store where Hand-Held Grinders were the only option for leveling concrete floors and removing coatings.  After learning the benefits of having a true grinding machine, this location purchased an EDCO Floor Grinder.  Their worn Hand-Held Grinders were then correctly designated to the tasks for which they’re designed.

Here are the reasons why Floor Grinding machines are better than Hand-Held Grinders for common floor surface preparation applications:


Weight: Floor Grinding machines weigh more than Hand-Held Grinders. Weight is an important factor in productivity. Heavier weight machines grind deeper into surfaces. Thus when smoothing and removing, more weight equals more productivity. In addition, the constant weight of Floor Grinding machines creates more level surfaces when compared to the surfaces treated with hand grinders, which are subject to fluctuating operator pressure.

Grinding Disc Size: Most Floor Grinder accessory disc circumferences are larger than Hand Grinder accessory discs, giving operators more working space per pass. All EDCO discs are at least 10” while most Hand Grinder discs are smaller.


Standing vs Kneeling: Operators of Floor Grinding machines stand up when resurfacing floors, while users of Hand Grinders are reduced to working from their hands and knees. This is uncomfortable and puts users into the resurfacing dust.

Ability to use Vacuum Systems: Proper dust prevention provides safe air, shorter clean up times, and meets government regulations. All reliable Floor Grinders are compatible with vacuum systems designed to eliminate unhealthy airborne particles and greatly reduce surface dust. Some Hand Grinders however are not compatible with vacuum systems, causing a mess.


Not Designed for Floor Resurfacing: Hand-Held Grinders are designed to sharpen tools, shape material and smooth surfaces on a small scale. These tools are quickly destroyed when used to grind large areas and provide bulk removal of concrete / coatings. Floor Grinding machines are designed for larger tasks and will last.


Click Here to Watch EDCO Turbo Grinders Removing Coatings from a Concrete Floor


EDCO manufactures a variety of Floor Grinding Machines:

Floor Grinders: Used for topical applications up to a 1/16” deep. These models are for smoothing, cleaning, thin coating removal, and prepping surfaces. Concrete Floor Grinders are contractor and homeowner friendly.

Turbo Grinders: High Speed machines designed for industrial tasks like leveling expansion joints, high spots and bridge decks; removing thick coatings, and smoothing rough surfaces.

Vacuum Systems: Control airborne dust and shorten clean up times. Vacuums are essential to creating healthy and safe working environments. All compatible with EDCO Grinders.

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  1. Avatar Derek woodring

    Send me pricing on your products please

    • Avatar Amanda Aliperti

      Hi Derek,
      For more information about our machines including pricing, feel free to reach out to us via phone at 800.638.3326 or via email at info@edcoinc.com thanks again.

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  3. Avatar Ernanita T. Lajato

    we would like to purchase a concrete grinder 10″ diamond electric Mode;# 50200HD

    We are based in Guam, U.S.A, can you please give us the address & where we can purchase, or who is your supplier closer to our place, or can you please give us price coat of the said grinder.

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