Scabbler Use Tips

EDCO 5-Head Scabbler (Model CD-5)

EDCO Scabblers are popular machines for concrete removal applications.  Depending on concrete strength, Scabblers can remove 1/4″ per pass.

They are ideal for:

  • Removing spalled or deteriorated concrete
  • Roughening surfaces for new overlayments
  • Reducing high spots or leveling uneven joints
  • Creating wheelchair access ramps
  • Creating slip-resistant surfaces
  • Texturing parking garage ramps
  • Breaking up ceramic tile

All EDCO Scabblers are air-powered and use piston-mounted carbide bits to hammer concrete surfaces.  Because of the machine’s drastic nature, concrete dust and other particles get trapped between the piston and bit.  Its important clean the machine to reduce these trapped particles.

We invented the Scabbler Bit Removal Tool to assist in detaching expired bits from the pistons.  This tool makes it easy to replace accessories.

Watch the Scabbler Training Video to see how to use the Removal Tool

(2:10 Mark)

Scabbler Use Tips” Comment

  1. Interesting! I had no idea that there was such a thing as a concrete remover! I guess you have to do it somehow though, I just never thought about it! That looks really fun and loud! I don’t need to remove any concrete like that, I more need to cut it. This isn’t the same thing as a cutter, is it?

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