Common Application – Thin Set Mortar Removal

EDCO Magna-Trap Grinder, TL-9

Common Application for EDCO Magna-Trap Grinders:

Thin Set, Mastic and Glue are commonly used to fuse both hard & soft flooring materials to concrete surfaces.  When replacing these materials its essential to remove the adhesives and resurface the concrete before new installation.

Thin Set Mortar is difficult to remove.  Use a high speed grinder and aggressive tooling for the speediest results.

The Turbo-Lite Grinder (TL-9) is an EDCO Magna-Trap grinder ideal for resurfacing hundreds of sqft per hour and removing hard coatings like Thin Set Mortar.

The Dyma-PCD with Backing Segment is the ideal Magna-Trap Tooling option for this application.  This medium-aggressive tool will remove the thin set while creating a textured concrete surface.  If a smooth concrete surface is needed, install Dyma-Dots onto the TL9 after using the Dyma-PCD.  The Dots will smooth the surface.


Click Here To Watch The Turbo-Lite Grinder & Dyma-PCD w/ Backer Segment Remove Thin Set Motar


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